My First Blog post

    1 min read

    Hi I am Puru. This is my very first blog post. THE VERY FIRST.

    I will be writing all kinds of technical stuff here. Primarily to increase my own understanding of concepts(Looking at you, Scope and Hoisting), for stuff I found on 40th page on google but could not find it again. I will also write a post about how I made this super fast blog using StencilJS's (The coolest framework you've never heard of) Static site generation to create a fast and SEO friendly blog.

    My writing and grammar is quite rusty at present, but no issues. I'll be improving it day by day by posting here something.

    Wait Wait Wait. Let me check if my code highlighting is working.

    import { Component, h } from "@stencil/core";
      tag: "app-root",
      styleUrl: "app-root.scss",
      scoped: true,
    export class AppRoot {
      render() {
        return [
          <app-nav />,
              <stencil-route-switch scrollTopOffset={0}>
                <stencil-route url="/" component="app-home" exact={true} />
                  url={["/blog", "/blog/"]}
                <stencil-route url="/blog/:id" component="blog-page" />

    Signing off!