MacOS Web photo
MacOS Web

I love MacOS extremely. Especially its super awesome interactive dock. So this is my little experiment to scratch my itch of having a macOS! macOS Monterey's UI on Web, built with Svelte, tiny in size (Only 33KB of JS+CSS combined)

svelte-drag photo

A Svelte library implemented to make implementing dragging functionality as simple as if it isn't there at all 😉
Only 2KB in size, with 0 dependencies. photo

My little corner of the internet, my humble personal site. Built with SvelteKit. Blog posts in markdown, processed by 600+ lines of TypeScript code to give the polished look you see on any of the blog posts. Designed entirely by hand, no templates used, just the lil designer in my brain 😉

Beautiful Todo photo
Beautiful Todo

A clone of the amazing Microsoft Todo App. Built with Sveltekit.
Basic CRUD Operations, Reactivity, data is stored in localstorage so your tasks never go away. Themes, both gradients and beautiful background images, with smooth transition.

Auto Class Launcher photo
Auto Class Launcher

During online classes, you have to check which class next, then hunt the meet link of that class, then join. This is quite boring and repitive, so I automated it 😁 Auto Class launcher is a program written in Golang. You feed it your timetable, and leave it running in the background, it will open the classes 5 minutes before they start. No more checking timetable and hunting for links 😉