neotraverse: unbloating traverse

This is the entire process of why and how I forked traverse npm package into neotraverse.

perf: private count vs #count

What are the performance differences between private and public count in JavaScript?

macOS Web: Why I moved from React to Svelte

I recently moved macOS web from Preact to Svelte. Here's a firsthand account of my experience.

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Trying Golang as a JavaScript lover

I have written JavaScript, TypeScript, Dart, Python, PHP, C, C++, but never tried golang before. Here is my first hand experience trying it out

Get the most out of CSS Modules with TypeScript in 5 minutes

If you're a TypeScript Dev, here are a few things you can do to get that sweet, sweet CSS class intellisense

The Zen of Preact's source code

Dive into Preact's source code and explore its simplicity

Why I moved from Styled Components to (S)CSS modules

A little writeup of my reasons behind moving from Styled Components to SCSS modules, and the benefits I got out of this.

Amazing macOS Dock animation in Svelte

Let's make the beautiful macOS Dock animation using Svelte

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Mindblowing 🤯 TypeScript tricks

There's a lot about TypeScript that most people don't know. I'll surface some of the "unknown" stuff in this blog post.

Moving React app to Preact ⚛ in 10 minutes with Vite

How I moved my 40+ components app from React to Preact in under 10 minutes

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React TypeScript Hooks issue when returning array

React and TypeScript make up a great pair. But when you're trying to make your own hooks, and returning an array, TypeScript yells at your. Find out why.

SERIES Get to know TypeScript

Using TypeScript without TypeScript 😎

Wanna use TypeScript but don't want all the compiler and tooling overhead? Read on to know how.

SERIES Get to know TypeScript

An Ode ❤ to TypeScript

TypeScript is cool. Super cool. It's made us Web Dev's life super easy. Read me being a total fanboy about it.

Bye bye Callbacks, hello Promises in NodeJS

Completely get rid of callbacks in NodeJS and replace them with the great Promises.

NodeJS Create folder if not exists in 3 lines - No dependencies

The simplest and dependency-free way to create a folder in NodeJS if it doesn't exist

Simple code with fs.promises and async await

If you've spent some time with Node's fs API, you know how huge a pain its callback based pattern can get. Read out how to flatten your code using promises and async await syntax

Top level Await is AWESOME!! 😍

Top level await is literally the GOAT (Greatest of All Time). In every way. Read on to know why, how to use it, and its implications

Free Github pro and Perks for Students

Are you a student? Then you better enroll yourself into getting the Github Student Developer Pack. So many great perks. Find out more about it.

Setting up auto-formatting in VSCode in 5 minutes

Set up auto formatting in VSCode in just 5 minutes.


Just some random rant to make myself blog every week

Cleaning up tag-along git commits in Pull Requests

It's easy to submit dirty PRs with unnecessary number of stowaway commits. Learn how to clean this up.

Async Await usage and pitfalls in and chaining

Using async await in array methods is quite tricky. But it gets even trickier when you chain multiple array methods. Find out how.

Simplify code by promisifying `setTimeout`

Simplify and clean your codebase by making setTimeout more idiomatic using Promises

Split Array into `n` number of chunks

Split an array into `n` number of multiple arrays with JavaScript

GIF to MP4 conversion for web using NodeJS

GIF to MP4 conversion for performance is all the rage nowadays. But doing so in practice is really difficult, especially for cross-browser compatibility. Learn how to do it right

SERIES How I created my personal site

Image Optimization Automation with Incremental builds

In this post, I delve deep into how I automated image optimization on my blog.

SERIES How I created my personal site

Blogging with Markdown

In this post, I delve into the details of how I built the blogging with markdown system

SERIES How I created my personal site

Tech Stack & Design

In this post, I delve into the details of the design part of how I built my personal site with StencilJS and what did I use to do so.

Safeguarding target=_blank links

Do you know adding a link with target=_blank has the potential of crashing your page and is very insecure? Find out how and its prevention.

Performantly loading Google Fonts based on Data Saver

Efficiently and Asynchronously load Google Fonts based on Data Saver mode

Web Workers: Intro and Basic Usage

Have you ever heard this term "Web Workers" mentioned somewhere and wondered what the hell is this new thing? let me introduce you to this great tech.

StencilJS Route Change events - Without any dependencies

How to detect route changes in StencilJS Router using the core StencilJS APIs. No dependencies.

Pitfalls when using Stencil Helmet during Prerendering

Stencil Helmet can break the whole app really bad on some occasions, some so random that you might never find out why

My First Blog post

My very first blog post on my very first functional site